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Music, Fun, and Moderation
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9,236 Servers
A incremental/clicker style economy bot meant to liven up your server! | 30+ unique items | Tons of upgrades! | Leaderboards & More!
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Enhance your server and make it more fun! Add Aru, the personal angel that your server need!
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1,029 Servers
The only suggestions bot you'll ever need. Simple usage and management of suggestions for public and staff use.
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150 Servers
A bot that has moderation, music, and fun commands that you can use forever. Also there is no cooldown so please do not spam.
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72 Servers
This discord bot has moderation, ticket general, and lots of fun commands
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Quantum Tracker
3,660 Servers
A bot to retrieve Game Stats - such as Fortnite, Apex Legends and Rocket League
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Weekly Fortnite Stats, Graphical images for Overall and Season Stats and a built in translator.
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Sherlock is a bot that provides awesome features - cool server stats, config options, miscellaneous fun commands, utility commands, logging, etc.
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The fun bot for purposing entertainment, enjoy, and user experience for Discord users, made by Rozi Vector.