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842 Servers
A multifunctional Discord Bot providing moderation and others..
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2,493 Servers
It is a bot with commands from utilities, role (hug, kiss...) and extra themes that you can find out for yourself.
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A multipurpose bot including commands like kick, ban, lock-down, warn, and many more commands.
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Spotify Bot
12,880 Servers
Hi! I'm Spotify Bot and I'm a bot based on music and song search on spotify! All my commands start with the prefix "S/"!
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Application Bot
Applications! Application Bot lets you have application forms in your server. Unlimited questions, 24/7 uptime. Accept/Reject.
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1,474 Servers
Boğa - Türkçe Discord Botu
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Dragon Loli
Discord bot with fun tools! More can be added by request.
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1,043 Servers
A community focused bot for gaming and other voice channel based servers. MagiBot includes unique commands like custom join sounds, a queue for events like karaoke, salt reporting and ranking.
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191 Servers
DonBot has moderation, music and a full web dashboard
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1,082 Servers
An easy to use advertising bot that broadcast your bump to other advertising servers