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Suggester is a Discord bot helping server staff members & admins to manage feedback in their server, with the usage of a modern suggestion system and granular configuration elements. We're trusted by thousands of servers including some that are verified and partnered.

Why use Suggester?

Suggester is the most configurable suggestion bot on Discord, with many settings that can be tailored to your server such as:

Additionally, we have a unique review mode that allows staff members to review suggestions before they are sent to the suggestions channel! This is the mode used by default, but we also offer the autoapprove mode which automatically sends suggestions to the approved channel.

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Community Interaction

Suggester also allows you to keep your server members updated via commenting and marking statuses!

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Switching to Suggester

We support importing old suggestions into our bot that were sent from users as well as via bots such as CarlBot, Zira, UnbelievaBoat, and Suggestions with the import command!

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