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Mila is a Discord bot with the aim to super-charge every server she enters with powerful moderation, management and utility functions. She has as many moderation commands as you can think of, as super-flexible server configuration system with a built-in setup function to make it easier for newcomers and a handful of utility & fun commands that keep chat interesting.

What features does she have?

Here's a list of each and every feature that Mila has:
- Leveling system
- Captcha verification system
- Roles assigned based on user badges
- Builtin Starboards
- HD Music
- Moderation tools
- Configuration tools
- Utility commands
- User-friendly interfaces
- Management tools

Convinced enough?

Convinced yet? Why not take a look at Mila's documentation site and see just how easy it is to super-charge your server with such power! You can find Mila's documentation site here and the guide will walk you through it, step by step.