This bot verifies users in your discord server this bot was made by Huzaifa


Listed since 4/5/2021 (7 days ago)

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Library discord.js
Tags Moderation
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Features -

Hello my name is huzaifa and I am the creator of Verification

Commands - Hello, here is one simple command just say .help and the bot will send you a command called .verify this will verify someone and give them Verify roles

Set-up - First, you need to make a role called Verified and that's all you need to do to use the bot just say .verify then the bot replies to your message with ☑️ and then it tells you Congratulations! You have been verified! You now have access to the rest of the server. Enjoy your time here! that's all ill add some mod commands but for now, the bot will verify people that join your server.