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Hello, welcome to InCaptcha! This bot is designed to prevents automated raiders by requiring them to complete a Captcha in their DMs before accessing the rest of the server's activity/content. This bot helps your server from raiders and unwanting activity

Powered By: Eris
This Bot Currently Inspired From Server Captcha Bot

Before you're heading to the Configuration Setup, let us introduce you to InCaptcha's commands.

Since this bot is mainly used by Server's Admin, there aren't many general commands provided. Yet, here is the list of it:

Category Commands Description
User !verify Sends a new Captcha incase users failed to attempt, DMs are locked, or errors occured
General !help Gives the help message
General !stats Gives the stats of the bot. Currently showing the total servers and users count.
Admin !setuplist Give the list of the remaining required actions to configure.
Admin !config Configure the bot and display the current configuration.

Basic Configuration Instructions

1st. Invite InCaptcha
2nd. Run !setuplist and check the required actions for you to fully configured the bot.
3rd. Run !config and configure the things that are needed to be set such as the waitingRoom and verifiedRole within the !config
4th Edit each channels Permissions to denying the @everyone role or the unverifiedRole if you had configured one and allowing the verifiedRole to view and send messages in the channels. You can also did the same thing but instead on the category and sync all channels based with the category.

  • Configuration Completed!

Detailed Configuration Instructions

Firstly, Invite InCaptcha

  • When inviting InCaptcha, it'll opened up a Discord OAuth
  • Make sure to also invite the bot with the Send Messages, Read Messages, Manage Channels, Manage Roles, Kick Members, Ban Members Permissions as it will mainly be needed in the configuration.
  • Select a Server for the bot to join and click Authorize

Secondly, Run !setuplist
When you first invited InCaptcha, it should look like this when you run !setuplist.

This will display the remaining required actions for you to configure the bot before InCaptcha bot is ready to be used.
You'll need to configure the bot by using !config and includes with either waitingRoom or verifiedRole. Those 2 are required actions for configuration. The bot also supports additional features which are most recommended and helpful.

Thirdly, Configuring The Bot

By configuring InCaptcha completely, it sets up the bot to run automatically on your server.

!config Display The Current Configuration
!config waitingRoom [Channel | None] The Verification Channel
!config verifiedRole [Role| None] Given The Role When User Has Completed The Captcha
!config unverifiedRole [Role| None] Given The Role When User Has NOT Completed The Captcha Yet
!config logsRoom [Channel | None] The Captcha Logs Channel
!config captchaOnDM [True | False] Whether The Bot Will Send The Captcha To User's DMs When They First Joined Or Manually By The User Itself
!config captchaFail [Kick | Ban | None] Action For The Bot To Do To Users When They Failed (Ran Out Of Time) The Captcha

Currently, if you wanted to set up the waitingRoom, you can type !config waitingRoom [Channel], replace [Channel] with the channel's name, and not included with the bracket. So as the role.

And always sure that the waitingRoom channel is used only a verification channel for unverified users.
To ensure that you configured the bot properly, type !config to see the current configuration and check the remaining actions with !setuplist.

Lastly, Editing The Permissions

Below method to edit the permissions correctly is the most recommended method from us. Or you can use your own possible way.

Method 1: Within the waitingRoom and the rest of the channels, you'll need to allow the permissions for @everyone or the unverifiedRole to read & send messages and deny the permissions for verifiedRole. You'll also need to deny the permissions for @everyone or unverifiedRole to read & send messages for other channels to keep separate from the unverified users. To do this, you can edit the permissions in each channel or edit the category and sync all channels with the based category.

Congratulations, Your Server's Configuration Completed!

Below are the example of how users solving their captcha. They just need to type the code of what they saw and that's it! These verification actions are only done in the user's DMs and the waitingRoom and not going to involve other users.

Simple, isn't it? - This is not required any admin or owner to interact with the unverified users!

This feature will allow owner and admin of server to view unverified users completing their Captcha on LIVE.
This feature can be enabled with the !config command.

To enable this cool features, ensure logsRoom in the !config and mention a channel so InCaptcha can analyze the log channel.
Example: !config logsRoom #captcha-logs
And you want to sure that this channel only can be seen by server's admin.

  • These below are the FAQ. Please read these below before you take some actions to report any issues.

What If Users DMs Are Locked?

This is when the waitingRoom is helpful. They'll get pinged by the bot there and temporarily requesting for the user to turn on their DMs. Example

How Do I Configure The Bot?

Go back & scroll up at the Configuration Setup section for a full-guide.

What If The Users Failed The Captcha?

Whenever a user failed a Captcha, they are told to run & obtain a new one by running !verify at the waitingRoom channel. As the bot has a new feature whether to kick, ban or ask the user to obtain a new captcha (default settings) without being kicked or banned users, this can be different in each different server.


Do Users Get The Same Captcha?

Nope, all users will get a unique Captcha generated by the bot randomly. Sending the same Captcha will just ruin the security.

  • Most future features that were planned by us had already been implemented to the bot. Yet, we'll be planning some cool features.