Giveaway Manager

Giveaway Manager

Giveaway bot to manage the giveaways on your server!


Listed since 11/2/2020 (32 days ago)

Prefix gm!
Library discord.js
Tags Turkish
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Giveaways is a highly scalable battle-tested giveaway bot capable of handling hundreds of thousands of entrants. Used during Snowsgiving and the Discord Birthday Server, Giveaways is capable of handling hundreds of thousands of entrants with ease. Commands:


Usage: gm!create Description: Creates a giveaway step by step.


Usage: gm!end [Message ID] Description: Ends a giveaway.


Usage: gm!reroll [Message ID] Description: Rerolls winner.

List of Giveaways

Usage: gm!list]] Description: Shows current giveaways list.

Invite Giveaway Manager

Usage: gm!invite]] Description: Sends link to invite bot.