Corded Bot

Corded Bot

Multipurpose bot with many moderation, anti-raid, fun, utility and many more commands!


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Corded Bot

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Corded Bot

Corded Bot is a simple Discord bot to make your life easier. Click here to add me to your server!

Need help? Click here to join the support server!

Bugs/Glitches and Abnormal Behaviour

If you discover a bug/glitch or find that the bot is behaving weirdly, please report it by joining the support server here in the #bugs-and-glitches channel.


Moderation Commands

Fun Commands

Giveaway Commands

Covid-19 Commands

Custom Configuration

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I change the prefix?\ Answer: You can change the prefix using {prefix}prefix change <your new prefix>

Question: I changed Corded Bot's prefix but I forgot it\ Answer: You can mention corded bot as the prefix or you can use cb., which is the global prefix.

Question: Corded Bot says that I don't have permissions to use this command but I have all the permissions needed\ Answer: Some of the commands are still in testing so they can only be used by the owner of the bot.

Question: I have a suggestion for the bot or I found a bug in the bot.\ Answer: Please join the support server for help.