A bot for moderation with music commands.


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What is Moderatus?

Moderatus is a bot, made by the one and only MrDragonBoi ඞ#7894. He is a former node.js dev and much more.


Again, MrDragonBoi ඞ#7894 was a node.js dev, but he had issues with his bot, so he went with Hard, but well, good.


Here are some of Moderatus' commands.

Music commands (These are in Beta as of 24/10/2020, please be wary of bugs.)

Command Description Usage
equalizer Change the players equalizer. eq <equalizer>
nowplaying Update the player controller. np
pause Pause the currently playing song. pause
play Play or queue a song with the given query. play <query>
queue Display the players queued songs. queue
resume Resume a currently paused player. resume
shuffle Shuffle the players queue. shuffle
skip Skip the currently playing song. skip
stop Stop the player and clear all internal states. stop
swap_dj Swap the current DJ to another member in the voice channel. swap_dj <user>
volume Change the players volume, between 1 and 100. volume <amount>

Misc commands

Command Description Usage
Botinfo Shows the bot's current stats botinfo
Support Shows the link to the bot support server support
Avatar Looks up the avatar of another user avatar <user>
Serverinfo Shows the server's stats serverinfo
Ping Shows the bot's latency ping
Privacy Required under Discord ToS privacy
Invite Shows a link to invite Moderatus invite
Vote Shows link(s) to vote for Moderatus vote
Help Shows all commands or usage of one help
News Shows all updates for Moderatus. news

Moderation commands

Command Description Usage
Purge Mass delete any messages purge <amount>
Unmute (This command is in Beta) Unmutes a user from a guild unmute <user>
Unban Unbans a user from a guild unban <user>
Warn Warns a user warn <user>
Mute (This command is in Beta) Mutes a user in a guild mute <user>
Kick Kicks a user from a guild kick <user>
Ban Bans a user from a guild ban <user>
Nuke (Beta) Nukes the channel the command is used in nuke
Modrole (Beta) Adds/removes a modrole modrole add/remove <role>

Fun commands

Command Description Usage
Meme Displays a random meme meme
Subreddit (NSFW-locked) displays a random image from the subreddit subreddit <subreddit>
Taxcalc A useful dank memer tax command taxcalc <amount>



Moderatus' Prefix is m1 or m!. It can also be mentioned but not changed sadly.

Other Info

Website is under construction at the moment.



Developer: MrDragonBoi#7894 (former dev) + fire#7010 (new dev)