Penetration testing, Competitive Dota 2, Cryptochecker, and fully functional NSFW bot with a bunch features.


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Scathach bot.

pip CodeFactor

Multipurpose servant and Warrior maid written in NodeJS.
Main purpose is focused on DotA 2 utilities, but over time we also have Mod, crypto, utils, Recon commands and a of course a bunch NSFW stuff to satisfied yer horny.

Click here for the full command

Getting started with $!help (customizable) or mention @Scathach#1444


Scathach on Telegram

Scathach bot available on Telegram too. Talk with her on: or

Scathach on WhatsApp

Whatsapp bot will available ASAP:

It's all free. Forever.

All it's yours, Everyone need no donate for fancy features from me
Links:,, Discord

Opensource Project.

We have the original dedicated core of the Scathach bot itself.
I'm always happy to receive PR and issues or just look arround to improve things.
check it out our project at: /OpenProject

Futher information you can read Scathach's docs and commands, changelogs, privacy policy


Bug or Glitches, even suggesting or blame this bot
You can report through $!blame command.

Check $!banned Horny Patrol, loli shota or cub isn't allowed query here.