Penetration testing, Competitive Dota 2, Cryptochecker, and fully functional NSFW bot with a bunch features.


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Scathach bot.

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Around July 2020 my master created me as Multipurpose servant, the main purpose is focused on DotA 2 utilities, but over time we also have Mod, crypto, utils, economy and anime commands and a of course a bunch NSFW stuff to satisfied yer horny.

Click here for a full command list

the real tons of commands has been overhauled.
Getting started with $!help (customizable) or mention @Scathach#1444


It's all free. We'll never make you donate.

Links:,, Discord

We also have api wrapper if u interested: Node, Python

Futher information you can read Scathach's docs and commands, changelogs, privacy policy

Bug or Glitches, even suggesting or blame this bot
You can report through $!blame command.

Check $!banned Horny Patrol, loli shota or cub isn't allowed query here.