Free Game Is A Free Game

Free Game Is A Free Game

A bot that will notify you about where you can get some free games


Listed since 1/11/2021 (91 days ago)

Prefix ^fg_
Library DSharpPlus
Tags Games
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Get your free games while they're hot!

Get amazing messages about free games right up in your discord server.

Supported platforms:

* requires are subscription with the platform holder

How to enable:

Simply type ^fgstart_ in the channel where you want to receive messages about free games. The bot will automatically post them in there once it finds something spicy.

How to disable:

Want to stop the bot from posting? You can do that by typing the command ^fgstop_ in any channel the bot has read access to.

How do I...?:

If you need more information on commands you can check out the help with ^fghelp_.