Anti-Nuke Capabilities, Powerful Moderation Features, Warning Messages, Auto Punishments and much more.


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Moderate your Discord Server while you are asleep. That’s why over 48,000 server owners trust Security to eliminate unwanted behavior in seconds.

Powerful Moderation Features

The internet is full of bad apples, people who want to ruin your community by causing chaos and destruction. But not to fear, Security is here. Within seconds, you can lock your server to prevent raiders from spamming your chat and destroying your community, then take the appropriate actions against unwanted users with Security’s powerful moderation capabilities in seconds. Alternatively, set up auto-moderation so Security will handle raiders in your sleep.

Anti-Nuke Capabilities

We get it. You spend hours setting up the server of your dreams, just for one user to find a simple exploit and destroy your community and prevent staff from taking action. It happens to all of us, and there was no easy solution until now. Security is one of the few moderation bots with powerful anti-nuke capabilities that will prevent raiders from destroying your community in a matter of seconds. Better yet, you can whitelist staff and trusted members, preventing exploitative measures from disabling community moderators from taking action. When raiders take control of your community, Security will always have your back.

Want something extra?

With the initiation of a simple command, Restore your community by recovering deleted channels, roles & more. And before raiders can do more harm to your server, Security’s powerful anti-spam feature will prevent bad apples from flooding channels and destroying the community you worked hard to build. All that and more for less than $4 with Security Premium

Are you new to Security and want to protect your server with state-of-the-art protection, but have no clue where to start? Then you are in the right place. Security Docs will provide you with a thorough guide to setting up Security and its extensive collection of features and commands to help you get started in less than 10 minutes. To make the setup process as efficient as possible, we split this documentation into several categories.

Please note; the process listed here should only act as a suggestion and not an absolute. You can configure Security Bot however you’d like, though we recommend that you follow our process as it will get you started the fastest.

Security's protection system will be able to prevent any nuke threats, The bot will limit these actions:

You can get the commands list by typing s!help

Setup Guide:

adding Security will not be enough, you have to set it up, we will help you on how you can do it, read everything and make sure to follow it:

To get a more detailed information of a module, type s!help anti <module> \ \ To change the minimum and maximum of a module \ type s!anti <module> <minimum> <maximum>, example: s!anti ban 2 5 \ \ You can disable\enable a module using s!anti <module> \ \ Type s!settings to look at the Anti settings \ \ Some modules don't have minimum and maximum numbers which means the bot will punish immediately. \ Remember that those users\roles will be able to bypass the Anti feature:

    - Globally whitelisted users
    - Globally whitelisted roles
    - Whitelisted users of the action type
    - Whitelisted roles of the action type
    - Users with a higher role than Security

Moderation Commands Security has some moderation commands that makes your tasks easier, also it supports multi arguments which you can select multiple (users, channels...), and setting delay & reasons is easier than you think. Commands:\