The 酒 bot is a small project was made for fun and is a multi-purpose bot including channel logs, fun commands, and more.


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Library discord.js
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Tags Fun | Economy | Anime
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The Setup Process

After inviting the bot please be sure to go through the setup process by doing !setup and read through it please, Thanks!

The latest feature update

With the time and help from our beta testers we've implemented a feature where you can create and destroy voice channels which hasn't been done anywhere else.\ You want to create a custom voice channel so only you and your friends have access but don't know how to?\ Well with 酒 it's as easy as just typing this !vc create and !vc add @酒。#0001

Some features of 酒

An unmodifiable system where you can store your coins and go against other guilds in the leaderboards.

Last year in the christmas season of 2019 we hosted out first ever winter season to see how everyone would interact with it and it turned out amazing.\ With the success of our first ever global event we are in the middle of planning our next seasonal-event for Easter and we hope that everyone will enjoy it as much as we do right now.

We have included with the bot an in-built way to communicate with our developers and a way to report bugs and submit suggestions.\ To contact our developers directly feel free to just send our bot a direct message and we'll respond to it as soon as we can.\ To submit a suggestion feel free to do !suggest [suggestion]\ To report a bug feel free to do !bug [Bug Report]

The journey throughout 2019

Thanks to everyone who tested throughout 2019 to help get everything up and running.\ The people who tested can be found here

We had a bumpy start to the project with the JSON storage files corrupting & resetting but thanks to the resolve of our development team we were able to recover and restore lost data and fix the corruption issue which is no longer occuring.

We worked hard to get the key feature that would identify this bot out there, A global economics system which CAN'T be modified by any guild owners meaning a secure and unmodified system

We started work on the christmas event as our first global event yet we weren't aware how much was going to come from this, We also implemented out music system for Premium around this time as well

We're finally at the end of 2019, One of the best years so far for this bot.\ We finished up 2019 with more updates than we thought, We'll list two down below: