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Library discord.js
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Tags Fun | Web Dashboard | NSFW
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ElementBot is mostly a NSFW bot, it gets all pictures from our selected subreddits and in case you do not like those there's even an option to bind your own subreddits to custom commands. We also have other features however, like a profile system, xp system, fun commands, utility commands, logging system... All of these modules and commands can be individually disabled.


ElementBot has 85 commands divided into 9 categories which include: administration, developer, fun, information, miscellaneous, moderation, nsfw, system and xp.

You can see more information about every command and category here.


ElementBot has a very nice web dashboard that can be accessed here. There you can manage all your discord servers. Toggle modules, add commands, toggle commands, change the configuration of ElementBot for your server (prefix, language...), see some basic statistics...


You can get support fast and efficiently by joining our discord server here.

Discord Server

You can join our discord server here. In it, you can suggest features, report bugs or just chat with our team. All feedback will be greatly appreciated and rewarded with ElementBot Premium or roles within the server.

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