exorium is a bot dedicated to improving communities using social commands, while also offering utility- and moderation c


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Prefix exo
Library discord.py
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exorium discord bot | Since 2020

exorium information

exorium is a multifunctional bot used for many categories. The main aim for exorium was, and still is social commands. With a variety of commands and more being added regularly, we aim to ensure user experience to be at it's best and try to improve our commands as well as the bot as much as possible.

exorium started off as a small bot named Protogen, which was created by BluewyDev for own use. Later on the decision was made to give Protogen a new purpose: Social commands for The Paw Kingdom. A while later the name was changed to ProtoPaw. Protopaw eventually moved to Heroku as host, where it was made public and ChosenFate joined the team as developer. Shortly after Etile provided us with a vps we could use to host Protopaw, a while after that, we changed the name to exorium.

exorium team


Anyone is free to contribute to exorium as long as they follow the Contribution guidelines. Contributions can be done through forks. In your fork you can edit, add and remove code. After you did that, you are always free to make a pull request. They will then be reviewed by one of the main developers.


exorium is currently being rewritten into cogs. This could cause more downtime while it's being rewritten, as well as being able to cause more issues and errors. Of course we will try to keep this to the minimal, for as far as what we can do. But we can not guarantee this will go flawless. If you spot an error/issue or there's something else concerning that you think you need to report, please make an issue.


All available commands are listed here. This list may not be fully up-to-date at all times. Please report this in an issue if it's not complete, or make a pull request With a complete list. Note that for making a pull request you will need to fork this repository first, and edit the fork's readme. Prefixes of this bot are p/ and exo

Commands, suggestions or features we still plan to add can be seen in our TO DO project. If a command doesn't work, please make an issue. Furthermore, if you require support with something within exorium, please join our support server and ask for support in it's support channel.

Social commands

awoo, bellyrub, blush, bonk, boop, cookie, cuddle, feed, glomp, happy, highfive, hug, kiss, lick, pat, rawr, snuggle, wag

syntax: exo <command> (reason)

Mod commands

ban, delwarn, purge, softban, unban, warn, warnings

Syntax: exo <command> <reason> | Note that with purge and unban you do not need to provide a reason.

Utility commands

avatar, decide, id, info, poll, random, say, serverinfo, userinfo, variable, animal, image

Syntax: exo <command> <argument> | Note that some of these commands don't need an argument necessarily

askexo, invite, links, ping, source, stats, suggest

Syntax: exo <command> | For the suggest and askexo command, an argument is needed.

NSFW commands

You must check this in the bot itself, as we do not wish to infect bot lists with the unholy.

Self Hosting

Selfhosting exorium is not endorsed by the exorium team and is not recommended. We will not provide any type of support for editing or compiling the code in this repository. The source code is given here for education purposes, and so users can better contribute themselves as well as see how the bot works. If you do decide to selfhost exorium, please respect the license.