Simple bot with a few unique commands.


Prefix a-
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Library Discord.Net
Tags Fun | Social
Owners Ane#6563  
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List of commands below

Fun Commands
a-pick - Have Aon make tough decision for you
a-copy - Copy whatever for when you need it
a-paste - Paste your copied text
a-lock - Lock up messages
a-unlock - Unlock the locked messages
a-randomid - Get a random persons id
a-avatar - Is that what I think it is?
a-pp - Get you or your friends penis size
a-coinflip - Heads or Tails?
a-gayness - How gay are you?
a-screenshare* - Screenshare in a server

Info Commands
a-botinfo - Shows bot information
a-channelinfo - Get all the info from text channels (Server Only)
a-serverinfo - Shows server information (Server Only)
a-roleinfo - Gives you information about any role (Server Only)
a-userinfo - Retrieves information of the user (Server Only)

Developer Commands
a-restart - Restarts the bot
a-shutdown - Shuts the bot down

Misc Commands
a-donate - Donate to the developer
a-invite - Invite the bot to your server
a-suggest - Suggest new commands or changes to the bot
a-help - Shows this message
a-support - Sends you our support server

Moderation Commands
a-kick - Kick the rule breakers (Server Only)
a-ban - Ban them from your server (Server Only)
a-unban - Let them back in (Server Only)
a-clear - Clear out all the spam (Server Only)