Simple bot with a few unique commands.


Prefix a-
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Library Discord.Net
Tags Fun | Social
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Aon provides free and secure encryptions along with a screenshare command. 

List of commands below 

General Commands
a-invite - Invite the bot to your server
a-serverinfo - Shows server information (Server Only)
a-userinfo - Retrieves information of the user (Server Only)
a-info - Shows bot information
Fun Commands
a-screenshare - Retrieves the screenshare link (Server Only)
a-encrypt - Encrypts data (Dm Only)
a-decrypt - Decrypts the encrypted data (Dm Only)
Owner Commands
a-restart - Restarts the bot
a-shutdown - Shuts the bot down
Help Commands
a-help - Shows this message
a-support - Sends you our support server
a-information - Encryption info