A fun and simple bot that handles Questions of the day for your server. Perfect for community building.


Prefix ?
Library discord.py
Tags Fun | Social
Owners mamu#7844  
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The Q(uestion) O(f) T(he) D(ay) Bot is a simple, but fun bot, that asks your server a single question every day, drawn from a set of questions directly asked by the users from your server, helping to build a community on your server.

How to start?

QOTDBot has a setup command, that helps you to prepare the bot for your server. Simply call


and the bot will guide you through the setup process.

Okay, but how does it work?

In principle, it is very simple. The users on your server can ask the bot questions, using the ?ask command. These questions are then stored in a database. Every day, 5 of these questions will show up for voting. Users can then vote for their favourite question using the ?vote command. At a specific time of the day, that is configurable using the ?time command, the bot then asks the most voted on question for a specific duration. The three most popular answers are then posted to a hall of fame channel.

For this, the bot needs three channels:

There are many other things as well. Users can track their success in QOTD using the ?me command. The bot also provides telemetry for the server, tracking the usage of QOTD (?telemetry)

Do i need to host it myself?

The bot is open source, and therefore of course you can. The bot is also hosted on a central server, where you can simply invite him using the invite link.

What if i need help?

We also have a support server, which you can join here. You can also message the bot with server_invite, which will send you an invite to the support server

What is there else to know?

There is a help command with !help showing you all available commands. You can then also call this help command on any individual command. Check them out!