Easily manage your servers giveaways with GiveawayBot


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Welcome to the GiveawayBot BFD Page!

Hi! This is GiveawayBot! Long story short, it is just an ordinary giveaway bot. Give back to your amazing community with cool Giveaways! With constant updates and up to 5 giveaways per channel, this bot is perfect for any server that wants to host their own giveaways.

Why this bot?

With up to 5 maxium giveaways per channel, re-draws, force draws and more this bot has everything needed to cover your need of hosting giveaways


Here, I will list them all!

Command (-) Explanation Example Category
| GBAdmin (Role) Commands (or Manage Server)
create -create #channel -w (Amount of winners) (Time of giveaway, like 1d or 30m) (Giveaway Title) -create #giveaways -w 1 1d Discord Nitro Giveaway
delete -delete #channel (Giveaway ID) -delete #giveaways 1 Giveaway
draw -draw #channel (Giveaway ID) -draw #giveaways 1 Giveaway
redraw -redraw #channel (Giveaway ID) -redraw #giveaways 1 Giveaway
|Bot Information Commands
commands -commands -commands Information
help -help -help Information
invite -invite -invite Information
ping -ping -ping Information
stats -stats -stats Information
|Other Commands
partner -partner (Partner ID) -partner 2 Partners

To run giveaways you must either have a role called GBAdmin or have the permission Manage Server.

Additional note

A Giveaway ID is shown on the bottom left of the Giveaway embed. Usually it would be 1 if you only have one giveaway in a channel. Giveaways will not end if the bot has restarted! And many people ask why the winner hasn't recieved Discord Nitro or whatever, this bot doesn't actually give the winners the item, you have to provide that yourself!

Thank you so much for reading this page and I do hope you invite GiveawayBot to your server, and reward your community with fun giveaways! If you have any questions please join the support server now!