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What your Discord is missing, to help Moderate your Chat. Has random FortniteDrop location + ApexDrop location. Currently in BETA.

Prefix f!
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Library discord.js
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In this bot it has FortniteDrop which gives you a random drop location to land in Fortnite and ApexDrop for a random landing location. Moderation commands include Ban, Kick, Purge, and if you forget any commands you can use f!help, also and updates coming soon. Some fun commands are CoinFlip, DiceRoll, 8Ball, and Rate. I have a ton of features that will be coming to the bot. Make sure you join the support server if you need support or any feedback of the bot. Updates will be happening a lot because it is in beta. During the Beta stages it will not be up 100% of the time. This is my first ever time coding with JavaScript and my first project for Discord in general. Any support for me will be amazing and hope you enjoy the bot and vote if you feel it is good enough. Version 0.08 (BETA)