Anti nuke, Anti raid, Anti spam, custom verification, advanced moderation, advanced utility and a lot more!


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Prevent anyone from trying to destroy your server, verify members, block raiders and spammers efficiently and have the best moderation tools!

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You should read the documentation if you want to ensure a proper setup:

It's better to give 5 minutes of your time to read the full setup however, you can use w!help anytime.

Anti Nuke:

Wick will monitor your server 24/7 for any abnormal behaviour from your admins and moderators and will react instantly if something bad happens. It 100% secures the most dangerous ways of nuking.

Efficient Join Gate:

When a member joins your server, multiple barriers come into play:

Anti Spam and Raid:

Wick uses a special heat algorithm that will help you fight spammers without harming your regular members. It will silence any member trying to disturb your channels by spamming messages, spamming @mentions or sending Invite Links and a lot more!

Best Moderation Commands:

Wick comes with awesome moderation commands that will allow you to moderate in any way you want. You can temporary mute and ban, you can hack ban and even hack mute, you can target people with no avatars, you can specify the reason. You can purge in the most customizability possible and more!

Quarantine Hold

No one will be able to help bad admins escape! When an admin tries to nuke your server, they are instantly added to the Quarantine where they have absolutely zero power. Wick will also keep an eye on the quarantined admin. No one can help them get out except for you and your trusted admins! Wick will prevent ANY WAY possible that can give power to quarantined people.

Awesome Settings Commands:

Wick makes sure to provide the easiest way to set things. But, it doesn't eliminate any advanced settings too! All Wick's settings commands are enhanced.

Detailed Logging:

Wick will log anything it does in the most detailed way possible!


We made sure to make Wick the most aesthetic bot on Discord! All commands' panels will be displayed beautifully in a way that helps.

Premium offers a lot more than you can imagine!

And a lot more to cover! What are you waiting for? Try Wick out now!

It's recommended that you check out the docs, they will help you a lot!