Dracord Warrior

Dracord Warrior

Level up in this DragonWarrior RPG tribute bot


Prefix dw!
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Library discord.js
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dw!setup creates your profile; this should be your first interaction with Dracord Warrior

dw!profile displays your current profile information

dw!map show you where you currently are, and what options you have to travel

dw!travel <region name> to move to a different region

dw!explore will typically result in an encounter with an enemy that roams around at your current location in the map

dw!attack use this during and enemy encounter to battle it out!

dw!retreat use this during an encounter that you are not confident on winning

dw!travel <destination> travel to another region

dw!shop some regions have shops; each item for sell will have the command you can type to acquire it. You get your currency from defeating enemies.

dw!inventory lists items you have available

dw!inventory drop <item name> if you want to remove something from your inventory; if it is something you bought, will typically get you half its price in gp back in your pocket.