FN Utility

FN Utility

A simple bot to check your/others Fortnite stats & more.


Prefix !fn
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Library Discord.Net
Servers 20
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!fn help - Displays all commands as below
!fn stats [lifetime / season] <username> - Displays detailed Fortnite stats
!fn challenges - Displays the solution for the weekly Fortnite challenges
!fn gamestatus - Displays the Fortnite game status
!fn launcherstatus - Displays the Fortnite launcher status
!fn link <username> - Links your Fortnite account with the bot
!fn unlink - Deletes your linked Fortnite account
!fn prefix [prefix] - Sets a custom prefix for the bot
!fn ping - Displays the bot's latency
!fn invite - Displays the bot's invite link
[] = Required, <> = Optional

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