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The only suggestions bot you'll ever need. Simple usage and management of suggestions for public and staff use.

Prefix , (or custom)
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The "Suggestions" bot is a simple and easy to use, but extensive bot, that's built to be the only tool for suggestions you need in your Discord server.

Getting the bot up and running is very simple. All you have to do is set a suggestions channel, logs channel and add some staff roles. Run these two commands with the channels you want. Make sure they have the ADD_REACTIONS and SEND_MESSAGES permissions in both of those channels before proceeding.

,setchannel <channel>
,setlogs <channel>

Once that's set up, users can begin submitting suggestions! For approving/rejecting suggestions, just visit the "Suggestion Management" section below.

Adding a new suggestion is simple. Use ,suggest <suggestion> to type out your suggestion. Once submitted, the suggestion will be posted in a #suggestions channel (or the channel you set above) by default on your server where users will then be able to vote via reactions (read below to set custom channels).

If you need to check the current bot prefix, simply mention the bot or mention the bot with the prefix command. Examples:

@Suggestions#2602 prefix

You should get a response similar to this:

[2:44 PM] BOT Suggestions: My prefix in this guild is ,

Suggested Usage

With the setup above, it's recommended to disable the SEND_MESSAGES and ADD_REACTIONS permissions for @everyone and give those explicit permissions to the bot. In this case, the suggestions and logs channel may be kept clean and only the vote reactions can be used.

Suggestion Management

Allow staff members in your Discord to manage suggestions via approving and rejecting them via specific roles. Simply add some roles using ,role add <role> and from there, suggestions can be managed.

By default, users with the MANAGE_GUILD permission can manage suggestions.

Staff Suggestions

Allow zero interference with user suggestions allowing staff members to suggest and vote on matter internally with no interruptions. Read more on about this via our Staff Suggestions's page in the documentation.

Custom Configuration

Server owners can change the default prefix and suggestions channel of the Suggestions along with a wider range of configuration. Here are a few:

User must have the MANAGE_GUILD permission to change these settings

Suggestions Features, Reporting Bugs and Receiving Support

If there is ever an error or bug or you wish to suggest something new to the bot, then you may join our Support Discord (just click here!). Follow the single super-easy step once you join and then head over to the #support channel if you need help, #bug_reports if found a bug or simply discuss and post a suggestion the same way you would submit a new suggestion as described above!

Future Features

You can also mention the bot in place of the prefix to use commands! Read the website for more information and unlock the full usage of the bot!