Just your personal DJ. Supports many video/music sources including YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitch, and more!


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Music Commands

Command Description
Soundcloud Searches for a song on SoundCloud.
disconnect Disconnects me from the voice channel.
removetrack Removes specified song from queue using position inqueue.
reset_player Destroys the player.
play Play a song query/link
playnext Adds a track to the top of the queue.
playnow Adds a track to the top of the queue then skips to it.
equalizer Change EQ mode.
forceskip Force skip. Admin only.
np Shows what is currently playing.
Queue Shows the song queue for your server.
volume Sets the players volume.
shuffle Plays songs at random from the queue.
topvideos Shows top played videos.
skip Skip the current song.
24/7 Disables automatic leaving. Will support 24/7 playing and auto resume playing after restarts in the near future.
stop Stops the player and clears the queue.
seek Seeks forward or backward specified seconds.
summon Connects me to your current voice channel.
forward Seeks forward specified amount of seconds.
rewind Seeks backwards specified amount of seconds.
search Searches for a video.

Playlist Commands

Command Description
playlist Show or edit playlists. Command Examples: DJ playlist create my playlist - Creates a new playlist named "my playlist" DJ playlist my playlist - Shows all songs in the playlist "my playlist" DJ playlist my playlist add [song link] - Add the song/video to "my playlist" DJ playlist my playlist remove 1 - Removes the first song/video from "my playlist"
playlist play Queues all songs from a given playlist.
playlist help Shows this menu.
playlist new Create a new playlist with the given name.
playlist delete Delete a playlist