A multiple purpose bot that has fun, information, moderation commands, and logging features.


Listed since 6/25/2020 (360 days ago)

Prefix e!
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Library discord.js
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Tags Fun | Economy | Moderation
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Prefix: e!

Don't include () or [] in commands

Required: [], Optional: ()

How to configure your server

Command Description
settings Shows the current settings for the server.
config [type] [#channel] Sets the log channels or the commands only channel.
misc currency [symbol] Sets the currency name/symbol.
toggle Shows the toggleable settings, for certain features.
prefix [new prefix] Sets or shows the prefix for the server. (or mention the bot)
config roles.humans [@Role/Name/ID] Sets the welcome/auto-join role.


Command Description
purge [number] Purges the channel of x amount of messages.
pt Purges the channel for all text-messages (ignores: images and embeds)
role [@role] [@member(s)] Adds/Removes the member from the role you provide.
warn [@User] [reason] Warns the user and logs the warn in the action-log channel (If set)
warns [@User] Checks the user's warnings.
clearwarn [case-number] Clears that case number from the warnings.
mute [@user] (reason) Mutes the member and removes all possible roles and gives them the muted role
unmute [@user] Unmutes the member and adds the roles they previously had (if any)
kick [@user] (reason) Kicks the member from the server
softban [@user] (reason) Bans the member then unbans the member from the server.
ban [@user] (reason) Bans the member from the server and logs in the action-log channel (if one is set)

Fun Commands

Command Description
Currency Commands
daily Collect your daily bonus
balance (@user) Shows your balance or the user you provide
withdraw [amount, all] Withdraws money from your bank account
deposit [amount, all] Deposits money to your bank account
work Work and earn currency
guessnumber [number] [amount] Guess the number if your correct you get double the amount you bet!
slot [amount] Play the slot machine!
pay [@user] [amount] Sends the user you provide the amount you provide.
shop (item) View or buy something from the shop, upgrades
rob [@user] Rob a user from their currency. (if they have any)
flipcoin [amount] Flip your coins and see if you win.
reset me yes Completely resets your coins/currency database, (Action is not reversible)

Logging Features

Server Update
Emoji Create, Update, Delete
Channel Create, Update, Delete
Message Update, Delete, Bulk-Delete
Role Create, Update, Delete
Member Join, Update, Leave, Kick, Ban, Unban
Voice Join, Switch, Leave
Invite Create, Delete
User Username, Disciminator, Avatar

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