Thoth is a Discord bot for SMITE player stats, match details, live match details, gods, SMITE server status, random gods


Listed since 6/6/2019 (745 days ago)

Prefix !! (customizable)
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Library Discord.Net
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Command Description
stats username
Alias: stat, pc, st, stata, ст, статс
Checks the Hi-Rez API for username and sends his stats if found.
Alias: s, статус, statis, server, servers, se, се
Checks the status page for the status of Smite servers.
statusupdates #channel
Alias: statusupd, su
Sends a message when SMITE incidents and scheduled maintenances appear in the status page to #channel
Alias: ssu
Stops sending messages from the SMITE status page.
god godname
Alias: g
Gives you information about godname.
Alias: motds, мотд, мотдс
Information about upcoming MOTDs in the game.
Alias: rg, randomgod, random
Gives you a random God and randomised build.
rteam 5
Alias: rt, team, теам, ртеам
Gives you 5 random Gods with randomised builds for them.
rank Gives you random ranked division.
item ItemName
Alias: i
Gives you information about ItemName in SMITE.
Alias: h, commands, command, cmd, comamands
Information about all available commands for the bot.
prefix your-prefix-here Set custom prefix for your server.

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