Community setup & management was hard, but not anymore! With ChannelBot, you can bring your dreams to life!


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ChannelBot is a feature-rich Discord bot with tons of features, in-depth channel management, useful utilities, a dashboard, and much more! With ChannelBot, you can build the community of your dreams!

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ChannelBot has tons of useful commands and features to help you build your community! Here are some of the most used!

• Server Backups & Setup

Completely backup your server's channels, roles, permissions, and messages, or, if starting a new server, completely setup your server from our templates!

• Reaction Roles

Setup roles that users can get from reacting on certain messages.

• Welcome Messages

Welcome new users to your server by sending them a welcome message!

• Temporary Text & Voice Channels

Allow users to create their own voice channel by joining a certain voice channel! No need to worry about clogged channel lists anymore.

• Voice Text Linking

Give users access to a text channel when they join a certain voice channel.

• Time Locks & Hides

Temporarily lock or hide channels in your server

• In-depth Channel Management

Almost every channel setting can be modified easily with a ChannlBot command!

• Dashboard

Manage ChannelBot on your server with our dashboard!