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1.7.3 || HD Music, Marriage, Profiles, Fun, Interaction, Moderation, Logging, Weeb stuffs and more

Prefix Default: + (Chan-gable)
Unique Upvotes 169
Library discord.js
Servers 43,974
Owners Saya#0113  
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js love foryou

[✓] 99% Uptime.

[✓] Configurable Moderation and Logging System.

[✓] Unrestricted Music Player Queue.

[✓] High Quality Music Player. Supports Soundcloud and Youtube.

[✓] LISTEN.moe Radio Support.

[✓] Starboard System.

[✓] Configurable Settings.

[✓] Osu stats, AzurLane and Kancolle commands.

[✓] Lots of Interaction and Fun Commands.

[✓] Maintained by a Big Weeb Developer.