This is a fun entertainment bot with fun commands such as slap and yomomma jokes, to gaining levels and money.


Prefix m. or mention
Unique Upvotes 25
Library discord.js
Servers 4,514
Owners York#0001  
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This bot is a social economy bot, you earn money by being active, claiming dailies, and trying your luck at the slots and using that hard earned money to pay for fun and entertaining commands such as Triggered, Slap, some infamous Yo Momma jokes, and many more.

This bot also has a series of NSFW commands that will only work in NSFW enabled channels.

If you don't like the social aspect, you can disable it entirely by using the following command ​m.set edit socialSystem false​, the slots, store and inventory commands will be disabled as they require the social system to be enabled.

If you want to view all the current settings, just run ​m.set​ and it will display all the current settings for your server.