A multi-purpose bot including moderation, administration, forms creation, social network feeds and much more!


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Used on servers both large and small, official and unofficial, built with security in mind, this actively developed multi-purpose bot is feature rich while still being flexible and easy to use.

Key features include:

Bot or Web service Developers: GiselleBot also offers an API system which can be used to get specific info from the bot, integrate GiselleBot features with other bots, etc.! The API keys are provided on requests. If you are interested in that, get in touch with the developer.

Quick Start Guide

As soon as you invite GiselleBot to your server, a few modules and their corresponding commands will be immediately available to all of your members:

The restricted modules, on the other hand, will only be available to server administrators. These modules can be enabled to one or more roles using the Permissions System (e.g. !peem (module name) (role and/or user id(s)/mention(s))).

A few modules might need additional configurations before they are usable by anyone (e.g. the Music module must be enabled in a certain channel using !mchannel [channel id]).

Detailed info about the capability of the permissions sytem can be found in the documentation page.

If another bot shares the same prefix with GiselleBot, you can change her prefix using !prefix [new prefix].