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A chat bot with mod and music commands (plays from spotify)


Prefix db! db. or custom
Unique Upvotes 15
Library JDA
Servers 3,939
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DuncteBot is a bot with a lot of features like mod commands.

If you require any support, please join our support guild

A full list of all the commands can be found here.

Basic usage

If you want more info on a command use ​db!help [command]

​@​DuncteBot#1758 <message>​ chat with the bot

​db!help​ gives you the help in a dm (if the bot can't DM you it will send the message in chat)

​db!join​ makes the bot join your voice channel

​db!play​ makes the bot play a song

​db!pplay​ makes the bot play a playlist

​db!stop​ stops the music

​db!leave​ makes the bot leave your channel

​db!settings​ allows you to alter some settings on the bot like if we should welcome users on join or what the join message should be

​db!setPrefix​ allows you to set a custom prefix for the bot

​db!toggleSwearFilter​ allows you to toggle the swearword filter on and off

​db!toggleJoinMessage​ allows you to toggle the join message on and off

​db!setJoinMessage​ allows you to set the join message

The join and leave messages use a special notation

The documentation can be found here: https://github.com/DuncteBot/SkyBot/wiki/JagTag

If you don't want the bot to respond to commands in a certain channel make sure to add ​-commands​ to the channel topic.