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687 Servers
A configurable Discord Bot with fun commands, social, moderation, and much more!
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599 Servers
Nitrole can give your users Nitro and Hypesquad roles, simply by having them click a link!
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4,514 Servers
This is a fun entertainment bot with fun commands such as slap and yomomma jokes, to gaining levels and money.
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1,680 Servers
A cool multipurpose bot with commands for fun, animals, searching, utility, text, info, moderation, urls, and emoji.

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2,655 Servers
1,891 Upvotes this month
Enhance your sexual experiences with Hentai!
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1,640 Servers
1,084 Upvotes this month
1 Upvote Today
A brand new RPG on Discord that is here to bring a pleasant experience with hours of gameplay!
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35,362 Servers
240 Upvotes this month
2 Upvotes Today
PikaGirl is a fun bot with various features such as cleverbot, image generators, NSFW, an economy, GIF searching, slapping and more!
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749 Servers
97 Upvotes this month
1 Upvote Today
A customizable Discord bot offering a variety of commands for moderation, utilities, logging, polls, giveaways, public roles, and more!

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Nibiru is a fun multipurpose bot with various features like an economy, moderation, logging, & more!
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20 Servers
Hulkbot - The best Discord bot!
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Hi, iam Miyuki. High Quality Music Bot, Using Lavalink (JDA Player).
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A small discord bot with admin, giveaways, economy and more!